#OurSharedShelf #27 – Le titre est tombé

Et depuis longtemps mes bons amis. Mais que voulez-vous, je n’avais pas la tête à venir par ici. Nous corrigerons cela dans les semaines à venir (en vous partageant également les #OSS 28 et 29 la semaine prochaine, hum).

Mais revenons donc à notre numéro 27, qui correspond donc à la sélection pour les mois de mai et juin 2019. Et grande nouvelle, ce livre existe en français ! Il s’agit de Pachinko, de l’autrice Min Jin Lee. Il s’agit de son second roman, et si je comprends bien, va traiter de la minorité coréenne qui vit au Japon et la discrimination qu’ils subissent.

Mais très de blabla, l’autrice elle-même a été invitée à partager quelques mots sur le groupe #OurSharedShelf pour présenter le livre :

I learned about the lives of the Korean-Japanese people, also known as the Zainichi, when I was nineteen years old. At university, I heard a lecture about how Koreans ended up in Japan during the colonial era (1910-1945) and how they remained after the Pacific War ended. At that time, I had no intention of becoming a fiction writer. Nevertheless, even then, I knew that the story of these people meant something important to me. It took me almost three decades to write Pachinko, a novel of a poor Korean woman’s migration to Japan. In the story, a very young woman becomes pregnant, rejects the man who has deceived her, then marries a poor man who takes her to live in a foreign country. Illiterate and without resources, my character earns money to support her family in a nation that is hostile to her people. 

Often, I am asked why I write novels. I write fiction, because stories have the power to connect the reader to our collective experiences and struggles. Whether it is attraction, rejection, inclusion, or exclusion, whether we seek love, work, or homeland, we can re-imagine our lives differently through the lives of characters and their desires. 

Thank you for including Pachinko in Our Shared Shelf, a vibrant and vital community of thoughtful readers who care about our world and the liberation of all peoples from hatred, cruelty and inequality. Reading is a powerful space of paradigm reconstruction and literary imagination, and, this is a temporal space you and I can share. I am humbled to be included in your lives, and I share your vision of a greater, broader, and freer world, where you and I can better care for ourselves, friends, and for all those who need us. We are a global family, and we are powerful together.

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